Scary Maze Game 5

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Description: Do the stuff you usually do in maze games, bring the dot to the exit point.

Instructions: No keyboard, use mouse to move the dot.

scary maze game 5 Yet another game from SMG series… actually, god knows where it is from, since it’s no different from other scary maze games. And really, why squeeze in the word scary in all series, and therefore warn the potential game victims about something being scary in it… It’s not secret there is nothing to play in any of scary maze game series, it’s just a prank, what’s the point making so many sequels when none of them last longer than 2-3 levels. Most adequate explanation is that all these series have different developers and never even intended to create something original, improve the game. So, don’t bother with Scary Maze Game 5, nothing good in it, nothing original, and with most other series, SMG 5 is far worse than the original game. So, if you really want to prank on someone, go for the scary maze 1, and in case your mates already know about it, go for vision test or the Shakey McGee. All these games can be found on scarylol.

Scary Maze Game 5, 3.9 out of 5 based on 23 ratings

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