Scary Maze Game 3

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Scary Maze Game 3

So, this is what they call Scary Maze Game 3, not the world’s hardest game and not the scariest one and yet people like it a lot… for some reason… But it’s not quite clear what the game title says actually, the only English word in it is “retry” button so… Anyway, SMG 3 is pretty much the same as the first, original one, game process is the same and the scary effect too, so the only thing it’s good for is your SMG collection. SMG 3 looks a lot like Scary Maze Game for iPhone, iPod which is available at App Store for $0.99. Or perhaps the actual iPhone version looks a little bit better but these two have more in common than other variations. It is actually quite interesting how it feels like playing SMG on “i Devices”. And it’s not about crazy screaming lady popping up, it’s just that there aren’t many finger based (touch screen) maze games on iPhones. People say it’s actually quite good, more enjoyable then on PC, but then again, most games of this caliber are. iPhone version developers have done some work on gamplay process and made it a little more challenging, you ask how? It’s simple really, they made it too bloody hard to grab the dot with a finger and even harder to manipulate it. Unfortunately, like PC versions, Scary Maze Game for iPhone doesn’t have a leaderboard either. Lazy devs didn’t even bother to integrate it with some sort of OpenFeint system to track results but hey, it’s just a little harmless prank and not actual game isn’t it?

Scary Maze Game iPhoneIt’s silly to talk about graphics of the game of this sort you say, however, if you take a look at all version of this game, you’ll see some major differences, not just in game themes but how visually appealing they are. For example, Scary Maze Game DX looks a lot better than other versions. And iPhone version looks much better than any other SMG, it’s probably because of the awesome screens of iDevices but there are other factors too. But in the end, SMG is not the type of game in which you talk about shaders and openGL kind of stuff, graphics are pretty much boring. While there is nothing original and spectacular in SMG3, iPhone version definitely worth purchasing, especially for the low price of $0.99. And if you’re having doubts about scary effect, don’t worry, while the scary picture isn’t as big as on Desktop monitors, sound effects compensate that easy, make sure you set volume on high before offering this practical joke to your friends and satisfaction guaranteed.

Hopefully game developers will find new ways to exploit this idea, SMG sure has some potential. Stupid McGee game was just a pathetic attempt to do it, not to mention the stupider Jigsaw replicas. All it takes is a little more time and effort, so let’s hope for the best. And in the, meanwhile there are 10s of new videos with shocking reactions to enjoy on YouTube.

Description – Play Scary Maze Game 3 and other games from SMG collection on Scary LoL website, check out some more scary stuff too and don’t forget to share.

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Scary Maze Game 3, 4.1 out of 5 based on 90 ratings

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  • Anna


    awesome game


  • Rick


    better then SMG 1


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