Scariest Maze Game

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Scariest Maze Game by Joshua Mustill is another SMG variation that has absolutely nothing original to offer. In fact, most people think it’s the worst of all 9 games. To start with, it’s the game title which already keep people focused that something scary is going to happen and they pay more attention to every detail, this naturally reduces the scary effect. Then it’s the game heading, saying “Try to reach the end but you will regret it”, why the hell did the game developer orchestrate all this is not clear because only the brain damaged people could get scared after all this. Ohh and horror-ish lightning effects on “play again” buttons don’t really help…

This Game Sucks!

Rather go for SMG 3 or The Worlds Hardest Game

Just because you can stitch a code to another doesn’t make you a game developer, and especially when it comes to such a sensitive subject like internet pranks. We all know, it’s not the gameplay or the actual scary effect that attracts people in SMG, it’s the effect of unexpected and everything in this particular version points to the opposite, it makes you expect something scary.

Play Scariest Maze Game No point trashing the game further, let’s see if there’s anything in it worth your time; after careful consideration… No! There isn’t! Forget about this one and move on to the other game! Especially if you are planning to prank your friend for the first time. Even though idea is the same in all variations, each of these games has something, at least something different and original except this one, very disappointing indeed. The original one is the original, SMG Challenge is more challenging than other games, SMG DX looks hotter than others, SMG 3 also looks good, Worlds Hardest Game version is actually hard and more about playing the game then playing a prank. Even the stupid puzzle version is better considering it’s not a maze game at all. One last thing, this SMG is actually very hard, even the first level of the game is hard, which also points to the fact that the developer is a dilatant! It doesn’t matter what game you play, even if it’s an internet prank, first couple of levels shouldn’t be this hard or hard at all, first levels are like tutorials, explaining how to play. Anyway, it is highly recommended to skip this version and try any other SMG, depending what exactly is it you expect from the game. If you want to surprise someone, go for the original scary maze, if you actually like the game process go for the DX version and if you’re hardcore go for the Worlds Hardest Game.

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Scariest Maze Game

Scariest Maze Game, 4.6 out of 5 based on 45 ratings

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  • michael


    i beat it at the end theres screamers


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