Exorcist Game

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Instructions: Spot 5 Differences

Exorcist GameLol this one is really old, like 10 years old or something… Though it is nice to prank on your mates; and for what it’s worth, the game doesn’t look like scary maze game or a maze at all. Also certain things amplify the scary effect, like the game genre, (spot differences) – this kind of game requires focus more than any other and the whole idea of this prank is to keep a potential victim occupied / focused on something. Another thing is the dark and scary theme… The image is not the best quality but that’s for the best… in short, Exorcist Game is one of the most effective ones among scary maze game series.

If you guys have more games on you mind, not scary, horror games but internet pranks like SMG, feel free to write us, we will gladly publish your games / game reviews so use our contact page to write us. There are some more games like Hit the Dot scary maze and $rap like that, tell us if you’d like to see these games on Scary lol website. Now Enjoy the Exorcist Game and good luck scaring the life out of your friends.

Exorcist Game, 4.0 out of 5 based on 54 ratings

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