Bubble Wrap Maniac

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bubble wrap maniacBubble Wrap Maniac is one of the 3 games on Scary LoL website that is kind of part of scary maze game series but doesn’t say scary”. In fact, it’s hard to understand authors of Scary Maze Game 2, 3, 4 or Scariest Maze Game 1 and 2 or Scary Maze Challenge… why give up the most important intel so stupidly. While Bubble Wrap Maniac is not a maze game at all, and its graphics and gameplay process are pure, or even useless, still BWM is a lot better internet prank then Scariest Maze Game or maze DX or challenge but only if you want to prank on someone that already knows about scary maze game. Developer of the game didn’t bother much on gameplay process, in fact, there is no gameplay process at all, all you do is click the bubble wrap like crazy and expect something to happen, and as a matter of fact, something does happen, the same old crazy lady pops up scaring the life out of the game victim. There is one flow though, takes bursting almost all bubbles for that to happen, so when you’re showing this game to your friend, you might want to motivate him/her to go with it to the end.

Bubble Wrap Maniac, 4.5 out of 5 based on 42 ratings

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