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Scary Maze Game – Worlds Hardest Game – Shakey McGee S.M.G.

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It is interesting how Linda Blair feels about Scary Maze Game; Although, it’s possible she doesn’t even know her character is still scaring the $rap out of people online every day. Interesting stuff and especially shocking internet pranks spread like a flu on the net, how many hundred thousand people go into a shock after playing Scary Maze Game first time?.. Many. And the number keeps increasing rapidly since SMG is much less of an actual game with normal gameplay process then it is a of source of enthusiasm that makes you want to hit the “Share on Facebook” button… Friends, family members, loved ones, everyone you know is a potential victim of the game.

If you already know about this game, there is nothing scary about it, however, remember your first reaction? It was wicked wasn’t it? Speaking of reactions, make sure you watch the video below, collection of video shots capturing the horror on people’s faces, when they play SMG. That video is an extra motivation for you to start looking for “share” button. Though, couple of things you might want to remember before using this practical joke on someone, tips to help maximize the effectiveness of this mega cool internet prank: 1. make sure sound is on high volume and 2. Nothing is distracting your victim in the room. Also, make sure you don’t overdo with prelude, it’s best if they don’t expect anything special, keep them relaxed.

Games like Scary Maze Game

While the idea of S.M.G. game was absolute blast, it also comes with serious side effects: you see, unlike most computer games, with SMG exploiting the idea to create copycats isn’t really working and it’s not surprising considering we are not talking about a regular computer game, it is rather a practical joke and no matter what colors you paint it in and how hard you try to disguise it, you can’t fool someone who’s already been through it. There are several variations of this game, Scary Maze Game 1, Scary Maze Game 2, Scary Maze Game 3 etc. but all of them are pretty much identical and in all honesty, it’s not entirely clear why is it have to be related with “maze” anyway. Because the maze keeps people concentrated? It sure sounds logical, since the game process keeps you focused on not touching the walls, this level of concentration amplifies shocking effect but there are other things that keep people focused too, like optical illusions, interesting or rather intriguing videos and other kind of games too. The actual replicas of the SMG game are simply not worth it, however, there’s a flash game not related with “maze” in anyway but with the same effect, the game is called Shakey McGee. And there’s this video, ghost video with the same effect you might find interesting. However, don’t bother looking for more pranks like Scary Maze Game, there is nothing out there worth attention. One more thing, here an alternative website to play scary maze game – http://scarymazegameyo.weebly.com/, site dedicated solely to Scary Maze and nothing else

Worlds Hardest Game?

SMG is often associated with Worlds Hardest Game, but not everyone understands why, because there is nothing hard about the original SMG game, not that hard to be labeled as worlds hardest… The thing is, one of the SMG variations is actually quite hard, perhaps the title is a little exaggerated but it actually is quite hard. This particular version of the game has been modified couple of times, some of them have scary effect in it and some of them are actually concentrated on gameplay process because it is pretty much challenging. While SMG Isn’t really a Game, WHG is different, you can play Worlds Hardest Game and actually enjoy it unlike SMG.

Scary Maze Game - Worlds Hardest Game - Shakey McGee S.M.G., 4.4 out of 5 based on 30 ratings